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The fastest way out of the

  • grocery store
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Just walk out.

No more lines. When you’re done shopping, just head for the door. We’ll meet you there for a quick look at your receipt, and then you’re free to push kick your cart out of the store like a scooter because you just pulled the non-heist of the decade.

No Surprises.

With Skip, you’ll always know what you’re spending. This one’s for you, guy who gets caught off guard at checkout and has to have the cashier take back a bunch of items.

the ?

Locate anything in the store with a few keystrokes. Seriously, no more wandering. Unless wandering is what you’re into. In that case, feel free to wander. Just don’t wander to find the baking powder or the guy who knows where to find the baking powder. We’ve got that stuff covered.


You’re that list person who loves telling people you’re a list person. It’s okay. So are we. Save your shopping list and it will reorder by aisle when you walk in the store. Then knock each item off, one by one. Mmmmm, check marks.