Don’t be left behind. Your customers want more. Walmart. Starbucks. McDonalds. They’re all doing it.

With Skip, so can you

Treat your customers
how you'd like to be treated

Pricing Transparency
Store Directory
Cart Detail
Running Cart Total
VIP Hands-free Checkout

Pricing Transparency

What is the sale price for each item? Does that price reflect my loyalty card?
Stop wondering what the price of an item is.

Store Directory

Where are green beans? Green Beans - Aisle 2 Back.
Stop wasting time looking for an employee.

Cart Detail

How much have I spent so far? What have I saved today?
Never be surprised at checkout again.

Express Lane

Where is the shortest line? Why is my receipt 3 feet long?
Checkout in under 45 seconds. Truly paperless. Truly handsfree.

Are you ready to give your store a true digital heart beat?

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